Welcome to Skycon Mechanical Access!

About Our Company

Skycon is the world leading company in window washing systems for cruise ships. We have successfully operating on many modern ships, ferries and even on Offshore converter platform used at windturbines

The basic idea is to clean the windows and areas with or without detergent and chemicals.



We try to consider the design from an aesthetic point of view in every project we deliver.


At SKYCON we are very quality conscious and aware of maintenance problems, therefore we only use aluminium and stainless steel in our equipment.


We alwais aim for the highest level of service and quality.


Skycon is the leading developer in window washing systems for cruise ships. With over 150 successful projects delivered we have a ton of knowledge and experience.

Partners/certified companies

Skycon does not have any partners or certified companies autorized to perform surveys on our behalf. We prioritize safety and ensure that all activities related to our equipment are conducted under our direct supervision. Therefore, we do not certify external companies for those purposes.

Services We Provide

Automatic washing systems

The automatic washing systems use high pressure fresh water.

Hand operated washing systems

Hand operated washing systems are used often

Working platforms

Working platforms can give access for manual cleaning, painting and maintenancework

Platforms for indoor maintenance

Indoor maintenance is also very important. Often there are areas that are difficult to access