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Ship maintenance and the cleaning of windows can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Modern ship design has increased the amount of glazed areas dramatically. Therefore it has become very important to have an easily accessible cleaning system installed. Passengers paying for cabins with windows will also request to get a good clear view.

The SKYCON window washing systems are today successfully operating on many modern ships and ferries. The basic idea is to clean the windows using high pressure fresh water with or without detergent and chemicals.

Since every ship is different and owners have special demands the design of each system is unique, however, we normally incorporate parts from our earlier experiences. So far we have managed to solve every difficult shipside.



We try to consider the design from an aesthetic point of view in every project we deliver.


At SKYCON we are very quality conscious and aware of maintenance problems, therefore we only use aluminium and stainless steel in our equipment.


We alwais aim for the highest level of service and quality.


Skycon is the leading developer in window washing systems for cruise ships. With over 150 successful projects delivered we have a ton of knowledge and experience.


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